Camping at Farleigh

So that we can get a full seasons camping at Farleigh we will be operating from two locations during the course of the 2020 season. Both of these are well known to anyone who has visited us in the last couple of years. Inwood is on the site of our original campsite at Farleigh and Kingsmore is a just a couple of hills away.  When one is closed, the other is open.

Both sites can be booked at in the normal way. Just select either Inwood or Kingsmore.


Camping the old way, now on two sites but still back to nature, under the stars and in your tents.

 In association with the True Camping Club, Camping Unplugged are now able to offer you a choice of two sites in the glorious countryside at Farleigh. The popular Inwood is back and Kingsmore, just a mile or so away is also available. Both offer our traditional mix of field or woodland camping


We promise that a visit to Inwood or Kingsmore is exactly what you and your kids and maybe your friends need. Loads of space, beautiful countryside and great facilities. No hassle about tent size or camping 100 metres away from your neighbour. It’s your choice!

It's all very well starting your fire with cotton wool and a firestick, but even the hardiest outdoor person needs ice for their cocktail and a shower before breakfast. Both sites will feature brand-new, high end toilets and showers (and freezers).


Time in nature has never been more important for families and we do our best to make sure that the nature is real and the comforts make it a special pleasure.  We do believe that disconnecting from the digital world is the best thing you can do and is certainly the best thing our kids can do.